It’s weird we went through the entirety of SDCC just two weeks ago without one single peek at the third season of Mr. Robot. But it’s here now; the first trailer with the first footage. Until today we didn’t know a single thing about what would happen next. And as of now….we still don’t. Well, you try to make sense of it:

In typical Mr. Robot fashion, the trailer is little more than a big mystery. All the major players are confirmed to be back, and the events look rather dystopian — but is that what’s really going on? Nothing is ever what it seems on Mr. Robot.

I have to admit, after how Season 2 turned out I’m concerned for the future of this show. Instead of moving toward solving the mysteries that had already been established, showrunner Sam Esmail piled on a bunch of new ones. And the problem with the perpetual mystery format is that it inevitably disappoints you. See: Lost, The X-Files, the original run of Twin Peaks — all of these programs got tripped up in their own mythology and couldn’t concoct a satisfying resolution.

Mr. Robot is dangerously close to repeating those mistakes. There were some really strange and pretentious scenes in Season 2 and I fear Esmail will just double down on the weird, choosing to confuse people instead of tell a gripping narrative. If the show takes that path, it’ll start to lose fans.

But it’s too early to predict how Season 3 will truly go, especially now. Mr. Robot returns to USA October 11.

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