Ubisoft has been breaking records in game development for years, and I’ve always been excited to see what new and unique experiences they bring to their players. Their newest Tom Clancy title “The Division” is currently being developed at Ubisoft Massive using the Snowdrop Engine, which if you have not seen, check it out below; it’s borderline amazing.

Already pushed back once from Q3 back to Q4 of 2014, new reports of a delay were given to Gamereactor during a interview with an anonymous staff member It will most likely not even see a release until 2015, my educated guess is around the Q2-Q3 time frame for the game.Even if it falls short of anything other than the amazing gameplay that we’ve seen thus far, I’m sure its well worth the wait. A source at Ubisoft Massive that contacted Gamreactor stated:

“The game engine works well, it’s not done but works well. The actual game development has barely started, however. The fact that Ubisoft has gone public with a 2014 release date feels laughable to be perfectly honest, we will never be able to release The Division this year. It’s a large project, and we have very far to go.” The anonymous source stated. http://www.gamereactor.eu/games/32411/The+Division/

Keep in mind this has not been confirmed by Ubisoft at this time, but with The Division, The Crew, and Watch_Dogs all being pushed back to a later date, it would seem plausible that there’s truth to this statement. The Crew, which Ubisoft also has a hand in making, seems to be a little further in development if not completed by this time. Which would mean we could see The Crew still release in 2014.

Watch_Dogs is also further in development than The Division and planned to release sometime in Q2 2014.

It would seem that The Division was prematurely announced at E3, but as a hardcore fan I can forgive Ubisoft; especially after getting a glimpse at how ambitious the title looks.

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